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Poona Enginners Specialty Gases and Equipment, founded in 2014 at Pune, has become a well established company as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of special purpose gas products. The expert guidance and far reaching vision of the mentor enriched with more than 4 years of experience in the industry has set excellent quality standards

High Purity Gas Manifold & Pipeline Systems

Measuring Purposes

The pipelines used to connect gas cylinders from manifolds for uninterrupted supply of gas play such a vital role that cannot be overlooked. Major sectors that are dependent on such High Purity Gas Manifold & Pipeline Systems include manufacturing industries, aluminum plants, gas plants, iron ore plants, paper and pulp industries, fertilizer industries and many more. To deal with varying expectations of these different industries, we design High Purity Gas Manifold & Pipeline Systems based on excellent quality scale.

Industrial Gas Manifold & Pipeline System

Specific Purposes

To function properly, industries need such reliable and high quality Industrial Gas Manifold & Pipeline System that ensures smooth gas supply. Thus, we have paid special attention to design quality Industrial & Medical Gas Manifold and smart Pipeline System. Usage of best quality raw material and latest fabrication technology turns these pipelines amongst our some of the finest products in the entire series of tools. Our expert engineers, supervisors and professionals work together with close coordination to bring out the best of products

Medical Gas Manifold & Pipeline System

Medical Purposes

Poona Engineers has contributed a quality range of gas pipeline systems and supporting tools to the medical industry. Our products are smartly designed with dedicated attention to fulfill the precise requirements of medical sector in twenty first century. We offer quality range of Medical Gas Manifold & Pipeline System that can lead up to your expectations and safeguard smooth flow of gases for hassle-free functioning of the industry.

About Our Industry

Our wide array of industrial specialty gases manufactured using latest techniques and used in a host of industrial applications. Our collection of products includes Gas mixture, gas product for special application and gas handling equipment

History In Words

Poona Engineers was Established in the year 2014 in Pune, INDIA. Poona Engineers manufactures of a complete range of Gas Handling Systems like Gas Manifolds with Pressure Reducing System, Orbital Welding for Ultra High Pure Gas distribution system, Gas Cylinder Filling Station for different types of Gas Industries, Centralized Piping System for Industrial and Medical Gases, Cyclinder Cascade, Vacuum Jacketed Cryo Pipeline, Flow Skids for Industrial Gases, Gas Surge Tank, SS Braided Flexible Hoses, Copper Pigtails.

Gas Handling Equipments

Semi-Automatic Manifold Systems

semi-automatic manifold system is designed to provide an uninterrupted gas supply. It consists of a primary bank and a reserve bank of cylinders. When the pressure in the primary cylinder bank reduces to the preset value, the changeover takes place automatically to provide continuous supply of gas from the reserve bank. Upon changing the cylinders, the regulators on both banks need to be re-adjusted in order for the changeover to occur automatically next time. The secondary regulator in the main pipeline stabilizes the outlet gas flow.

Single-Bank Manifold Systems

A range of High Quality, Reliable, Low Maintenance manifolds for the safe installation of single cylinders of Industrial grade gases in the Workplace, Cylinder Store or Laboratory.

Automatic Manifold Systems

AutomaticChangeover Regulator Systems provide a reliableuninterrupted supply of gas to a gas pipeline systemin an industrial installation. The ChangeoverSystem consists of a manifold control and twosupply bank headers, one service and one reservesupply, to provide anninterrupted supply of gasfor the specific gas application.The control is designed and built with features providing automatic changeover from the depleted“Service” supply bank to the “Reserve” supplywith no loss or drop in delivery pressure.Automatic Changeover Regulator Systems is specificallydesigned to regulate and provide uninterruptedgas supply for industrial applications. Deliverypressures are factory-set and are protected insidea tamper-resistant case.

Business Quality Policy

We are providing good & on time products to our valuable customers.


The mission of Poona Engineers is to provide the finest quality products and services to our customers in a highly professional manner and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. Through continuous improvement and personal development of our employees, Poona Engineers. will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and succeed as a profitable business. We will meet our customers’ needs by utilizing the latest technology and standards in professional service. Meeting these goals will assure that our customers will continue to do business with us and recommend us to others.

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We have 5 years experience in Gas Handling Systems

About Us

Poona Engineers was Established in the year 2014 in Pune, INDIA. Poona Engineers manufactures of a complete range of Gas Handling Systems like Gas Manifolds with Pressure Reducing System…..